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Filtre mobile type PMF-7500

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Filtre mobile type PMF-7500

Plation mobile filter equipped with taps and couplings to connect the filter between the water tap and the water tank so that the drinking water is filtered directly into the water tank.

Faucets: 2 pieces to open and close the filter
Couplings: 2 pieces for connection to the filling hose

Capacity: 7500 liters
Lifespan: 7500 liters or 2 years

The PMF-7500 is supplied with a plastic mounting key for changing the filter cartridge.

Do you often go on holiday to countries (Mediterranean sea area) where drinking water is chlorinated and of lesser quality? With the Plation Mobile Filter you have fresh and safe drinking water without any chlorine taste.

Plation Mobile Filters are unique and produce delicious, fresh and safe drinking water

By combining the activated carbon with Plation bulbs, the activated carbon remains clean and the drinking water filter therefore has a significantly longer service life!

Due to the continuous release of silver ions from the Plation spheres, active carbon is continuously "charged" with silver ions, so that the filter medium remains clean, even when the filter is not used for a long time and the water is therefore still.

The natural release process of silver ions from the silver-ceramic spheres is very slow due to the composition of the spheres. As a result, the bulbs have a long service life and considerable amounts of water can be treated with the Plation In-line Filters.

Placement Mobile Filters

An extra set of faucets & couplings (type Gardena) allows the filter to be placed between water tap and water tank in a simple way so that the water enters the water tank in a filtered way. Optionally available with luxury stainless steel bracket, making the filter very solid, easy to handle and very easy to store. After use, the filter is disconnected, the taps on the filter are closed and the filter can be stored again. A big advantage in countries where the drinking water is of lesser quality.

Technical data for Plation Mobile Filters and Cartridges

The service life of the Plation filters (filter cartridges) is determined by the maximum capacity (liters of treated water) and / or the maximum service life of the filter cartridge for 2 years. This means that if the maximum capacity is not achieved after 2 years, the filter cartridge must still be replaced. This i.v.m. the life of the Plation bulbs and saturation of the activated carbon. Replacement of the cartridge is easy to achieve by using. the supplied mounting key.

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