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CO2 & Ozone

OptiClimate CO2 systems, CO2 controllers like the DimLux Maxi Controller and Uvonair Ozone systems are perfectly suited for growing crops in an environment with clean, bacteria-free air. Plants need CO2 to grow and the more CO2 they can absorb the harder most plants will grow. However, a light source is necessary for the plants’ inclusion of CO2. The amount of CO2 in the air we breathe is around 300-400 ppm (parts per million). Using a CO2 system in a growing space, this amount of CO2 can be increased up to 1500 ppm (CO2 is only harmful to humans if the amount of CO2 exceeds 15000 ppm). Uvonair Ozone systems ensure that odours are neutralized and molds and bacteria are eliminated by generating and spreading ozone. of ozone. This will prevent deseases and bacteria from harming crops.