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OptiClimate climate control, DimLux lighting technology, CO2 and Ozone

Welcome to Care4Air, official reseller of OptiClimate and DimLux apparatus. We are specialists in climate control, lighting and air technology. Care4Air is a supplier of the best brands available worldwide in the field of climate and agri- and horticulture.

We offer a complete assortment and competitive prices. In addition to the entire product lines of OptiClimate and DimLux and we also sell BioWave and UvonAir systems. 

OptiClimate PRO 3 = cooling + heating + dehumidifying + filtering + circulating

The OptiClimate water-cooled air-conditioning is a total solution for indoor climate and can cool, heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air. Through the use of water as a cooling medium, it is unnecessary to suck in large amounts of air and to blow hot air out and there is no need for an outdoor unit to be placed anymore as with conventional air conditioners the case is.

OptiClimate has a built-in safety switch which can turn the lights off when the temperature in the room has reached the maximum. The OptiClimate also has an alarm log function which can send messages in case of emergency.

Ultimate system: OptiClimate + DimLux + Maxi Controller

OptiClimate, DimLux and Maxi Controller will provide optimal results when combined. The DimLux fixtures can be controlled by the Maxi Controller. The OptiClimate water-cooled air conditioning controls the climate and if the system is used in combination with an evaporative cooler water consumption can be reduced up to 95%.

The Maxi Controller can even calculate the Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) if all sensors (except CO2 sensor) are connected (plant temperature, ambient temperature and humidity sensor). The VPD indicates how much the plant can evaporate and thus can grow. There is a corresponding CO2 sensor which can be connected to the Maxi Controller for dosing CO2 and to make your crops grow faster.